Application Procedure

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UCLA-Caltech MSTP applicants must submit an initial application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) by the October 15 deadline. On the AMCAS application, students should indicate that they wish to apply to the UCLA Medical Scientist Training Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. After the initial application is processed and verified by AMCAS, most applicants to the MSTP will then receive notification via email to complete the combined supplemental (secondary) application for the School of Medicine and the MSTP. This application is online, but will not be accessible until the AMCAS application has been verified.

To complete the supplemental application, log in to the Admission Status Information page, then enter the required information to access your application.  Please read the instructions carefully. One particularly important question is whether the applicant is interested in performing his or her PhD research at UCLA, at Caltech, or at either UCLA or Caltech. Applicants interested in PhD research at UCLA must include a list of UCLA faculty whose research is of interest and who the applicant would possibly consider as a PhD research mentor. Applicants interested in PhD research at Caltech must include a list of Caltech faculty whose work is of interest and explain why Caltech would be a desirable location for their PhD research.  If you encounter technical difficulties with the online supplemental application, please contact technical support at

Between three and five letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically through AMCAS. The MSTP application and letters of recommendation should emphasize the applicant’s research experience, scientific accomplishments, and career interests. While there is no minimum cutoff for GPA or MCAT scores, interviews are usually offered to applicants who perform well in a rigorous academic setting and show evidence of sustained research effort. GRE scores are not required and cannot be submitted in place of MCAT scores.

The MSTP supplemental application and the medical school secondary are combined. If you are applying as a disadvantaged status applicant, both the Disadvantaged Status application and the MSTP supplemental application must be submitted for your file to be complete.

The deadline for receipt of the completed School of Medicine and MSTP supplemental application, including recommendation letters, is 30 days from the date and time of receipt of the acknowledgement email or Dec. 1st (whichever comes first); however, early submission is strongly recommended. When submitting your online supplemental application, you will be prompted to submit an application fee of $85. This fee can be paid either by credit card or by a check made payable to the "Regents of UC."

Current UCLA medical students can apply without a fee by completing an MSTP supplemental application. Please contact the MSTP Office via email at and request instructions for your MSTP supplemental application. This supplemental application will be combined with the student’s original School of Medicine application for consideration by the MSTP Admissions Committee.  In addition, please inform the SOM Main Admissions office of your intent to apply to the MSTP.  Request that a copy of your medical school application be provided to the MSTP office as soon as possible. 

If questions regarding the application process arise, or if problems accessing the online application are encountered, please consult the Admissions FAQs, or call the MSTP office.