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Approximately 75 applicants are selected to interview for admission to the UCLA-Caltech MSTP. Those who are not selected for MSTP will be considered for medical school admission unless otherwise indicated by the applicant. All MSTP applicants referred to the MD program will be screened by an MD program screener and based on screening may be invited to participate in the MMI and consideration for admission to the MD program.

A small subset of candidates invited to interview at UCLA will be offered the option of combining their UCLA interview with an interview for one of two positions each year in the Caltech component of the UCLA-Caltech MSTP. These candidates will be selected from the pool of applicants who indicated on their Supplemental Application that they are interested in performing their PhD research at “Caltech only” or at either “UCLA or Caltech.” Applicants are selected for Caltech interviews based primarily on the extent to which their research interests would benefit from the unique strengths of Caltech and the unique interests of Caltech faculty. Applicants who expressed an interest in performing their PhD research at “UCLA or Caltech” will be given full consideration for admission to the UCLA component of the MSTP if they cannot be considered for a Caltech interview. Only a limited number of Caltech interview slots are available each year.


Before You Arrive

Prior to the interview visit, applicants will be asked by the MSTP Administrative Office to provide important information that will assist the office is scheduling the interview day. Of particular importance, applicants will be asked to send a list of faculty at UCLA whose research fits their area of interest. Although applicants provide a list of potential faculty mentors on their supplemental application, many applicants wish to send a modified list prior to the interview. Applicants offered Caltech interviews will also be asked to provide a list of Caltech faculty. These lists must be submitted well in advance of the interview date to allow sufficient time for scheduling. Failure to respond to requests for information in a timely manner may lead to withdrawal of the interview offer.


What to Expect

During the visit, applicants will first meet as a group at 8:30 AM for a 90-minute orientation session.  At this session, the MSTP Directors and other UCLA faculty members will describe the medical school curriculum, graduate programs and organization of the MSTP and David Geffen chool of Medicine. Applicants will also be introduced to two or three of the most exciting areas of research emphasis at UCLA. In most instances, each applicant will then participate in four or five individual interviews, including one of the MSTP Directors, with at least one additional member of the MSTP Admissions Committee, and with faculty whose research may be of interest to the applicant. An effort will be made to schedule interviews with appropriate faculty from the lists provided by the applicant. However, meetings with requested faculty cannot be guaranteed because of travel, teaching conflicts, etc.  

Over lunch and dinner, applicants will meet with current students in a relaxed setting, where they will have the opportunity to ask questions about the atmosphere of the program, the quality and character of life at UCLA, and any other issues that may not have been addressed over the course of the day. After lunch, applicants will have an opportunity to participate in a student-led tour of the UCLA campus and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.


Where to Stay 

For your convenience, here is a list of nearby hotels.  Please be advised that the program does not cover any cost during initial interviews. 

Tiverton House

Royal Palace Westwood
Claremont Hotel Westwood
Hotel Palomar
W Hotel on Hilgard
Hotel Angeleno