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Welcome to the UCLA-Caltech MSTP! 

We are excited to share with you some of the assets of our program, and hope that this site can help you to better understand why we have chosen to establish our clinical and scientific foundation here at UCLA. The program selects individuals for their personal traits as well as their academic strengths, and as such our community is composed of students who are passionate about both science and service and committed to uniting the two throughout our years at UCLA.

With a curriculum that draws on students’ ability to think independently and collaboratively, we see the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA as a particular strength of the program, rather than a rite of passage that must be endured.  By cultivating critical thinking about scientific, clinical, and ethical questions, the first two years of the medical school curriculum already establish the groundwork for graduate training; furthermore, the minimal class time allows interested students to conduct laboratory research during the academic year.  The avenues for graduate study seem boundless, and the clinical years provide rigorous training at multiple hospitals affiliated with UCLA.

The academic environment is thus invigorating in all the years of training, and the palm trees and the Pacific Ocean make for a beautiful backdrop for our intellectual and personal pursuits. The amazing year-round weather is also a plus.

Our contact information can be found on the Students section of this site; please feel free to send an email if you have any questions that the site hasn’t addressed. 

Good luck!

-  "Welcome to the UCLA-MSTP. I want to share with you some of reasons I chose UCLA for my training. I chose to pursue my medical and graduate studies at UCLA not only for its excellence in research and its commitment to advancing the frontiers of medicine but also its nurturing environment for all physician-scientists. UCLA has been among the top-ranked institutions to receive a continued robust research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at a time when the NIH research budget overall has declined. UCLA hospitals have also maintained a high ranking recognized by US News & World Report as number 3 in the country. In addition, UCLA offers a unique campus where the proximity of the research and medical community naturally forms a collaborative environment for translational research. Many of the UCLA graduate department offer students the freedom to integrate different fields of research for their thesis work as well as an excellent group of faculty mentors. Specifically, I was drawn to the unique teaching style of the medical and graduate courses in that students learn by doing rather than just listening to lectures. More importantly, we have excellent MSTP directors who provide personal support, guidance, and resources to make sure students reach appropriate milestones throughout the MSTP training." - Tran Do, PhD2

- "One of the unique strengths of the UCLA-Caltech MSTP is the opportunity to train at two unparalleled institutions.  I loved the clinical curriculum at UCLA and particularly appreciated studying at a campus in which interdisciplinary collaborations between the medical school and other health-related fields – from nursing and public health to the biomedical and social sciences – are valued and encouraged.  In transitioning to my PhD training at Caltech, I have found an active and close-knit community united by a shared passion for science.  Throughout each phase, I have been able to work with and learn from leaders in their fields; in addition, the MSTP directors and other mentors have always promoted a supportive and collaborative environment for personal and professional development.  On behalf of everyone in the program, welcome to the UCLA-Caltech MSTP!" - Christina Su, PhD2 (Caltech)

- "Training in the UCLA MSTP is a uniquely enriching experience.  As medical students, we are exposed to the full range of medicine, from primary care to subspecialties to global health, and we can learn from LA’s amazingly diverse patient population.  As graduate students, we benefit immensely from the broad array of physician-scientist mentors, research topics and labs, as well as a truly collaborative and supportive scientific atmosphere" - Cynthia He, PhD, MD3