Additional Funding

Obtaining funding from extramural sources is a prestigious endeavor for the trainee and helps to reduce expenses for the program and thesis advisor. Trainees are strongly encouraged to apply for such support prior to or during the Ph.D. phase of the MSTP. It is essential for the thesis advisor to assist the trainee in this effort. Trainees must inform the MSTP Directors of any scholarships or fellowships that are obtained during the MSTP training period. Those who are successful in securing annual fellowships or scholarships of $18,000 or more while they are supported by MSTP funds will be awarded annually an additional $3000 of support from the program. Among the many sources of support available to MSTP trainees are NIH individual predoctoral fellowships, private foundation scholarships and fellowships, Graduate Division fellowships and awards and the Dissertation Year fellowship. The MSTP Office is prepared to assist trainees with the application process. Mentors should also utilize any institutional training grants available within their departments or programs. Students who are applying for a position on an NIH institutional training grant during the first year of the PhD should notify the MSTP office at the time of application. Trainees who are put on NIH training grants during the first year of the PhD support will receive MSTP support later in the PhD phase.