Social Sciences Track

Translating knowledge of social, cultural, historical, and political determinants of health into improved health outcomes demands combined training in the social sciences. The MSTP Social Sciences Track (SST) was established in 2013 and is currently one of the largest of its kind. The UCLA MSTP SST recruits exceptionally bright and accomplished students who exhibit a passion for knowledge and a life-long commitment to research and leadership. We recruit one to three students per year into this track and consider applicants interested in any relevant discipline in the social sciences and humanities. We help guide admitted students towards outstanding training environments that encourage individual thinking and provide students with the tools needed to develop into accomplished, compassionate physician scientists. We aim to provide an intellectual and practical foundation from which our graduates will approach the most compelling social and policy questions facing medicine today. Our hope is that our rigorous program will nurture the intellectual curiosity and discipline of our students, while continuing to develop their innate creativity and empathy.  Interested students should contact the Associate Director for the Social Sciences.  Further information about relevant graduate training opportunities at UCLA can be found at the UCLA Center for Social Medicine and Humanities