Two new team members join the MSTP Office

We are very pleased to announce that we have two new team members joining the MSTP office!

Staci Chikami

Staci Chikami will be joining us on June 1st and will serve as the Business and Finance Manager for both the MSTP and GPB.  As the finance manager for the MSTP, Staci will be responsible for all financial aspects of the MSTP including the training grant, monitor and manage student financial activity, and serve as liaison with other administrative office for logistical and financial activities.  She will also be available to counsel students who encounter logistical and/or administrative difficulties.  Staci comes to us from the UCLA Department of Neurobiology where she served as the supervisor for the departmental financial operations and oversee post-award finance and contract & grant administration.  Prior to that, Staci was the Student Affairs Officer with the DGSOM Curricular Affairs Office where she provided support for first year medical courses in Curriculum Phase 1 (Clinical Skills 1, Block 2 & Block 5).  Staci received her Bachelor of Arts from UCSB and has been with UCLA for over 10 years supporting departments with financial operations, student affairs, and payroll.

Phuong Macadangdang

Phuong Macadangdang is the current Administrative Director for Graduate Programs in Bioscience (GPB) and will also be the Administrative Director for the MSTP.  Phuong is a UCLA graduate who has extensive experience in student affairs, finance, graduate and medical school admissions, and administrative leadership, most recently as an Administrative Director for the University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University MSTP and she was also a former Administrative Director for our program.  In her role as the MSTP Administrative Director, Phuong will lead administrative support for our continuing collaborative efforts to enhance physician-scientist training at UCLA.  As such please consider her as a primary resource for any questions/issues related to administrative aspects of the MSTP.